Prayer is an important part of our ministries, and a vital part of every Christian's life—for, without it, we die spiritually. It is an act of humble worship in which we seek our heavenly Father God with all our hearts. It is our way of communicating or talking to God and expressing our thoughts to Him and He, in turn, talks back to us. It is an expression of an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who makes His love and resources available to us.

In worship, we recognize what is of the highest worth—not ourselves, others, not our work or job—but God who alone deserves our highest respect. But through prayer we speak to God our Creator, giving Him our requests and supplications and also receiving from Him.

Our prayer connection team burns with passion in their hearts for the people who are desperately in need of prayers. They are always willing and ready to minister to others and pray over each prayer request that comes their way via email or phone