Since its inception, Alayo Miracle Church of Christ has been growing from strength to strength. The various local ministries of the Church challenge every member to rediscover the abundance of God's gifts and respond joyfully. We exist to proclaim the gospel for the salvation of humankind, the preservation of the truth, and the exhibition of the kingdom of heaven to the world. We serve as a supportive and witnessing community that takes seriously the needs of individuals, young and old alike—nurturing with caring and compassionate fellowship.


The pioneers' group is a multi-talented group of sisters and brothers with a mission to awaken the spiritual life force of each member of Alayo Miracle Church of Christ so that they can be a living testimony of the power of Christ when they truly believe and trust in Christ.


Children are our priceless heritage. With this in mind, we strive to provide the highest possible quality of care to them. We desire to help build a firm foundation of faith for the children, and we want to do it in such a way that they will love coming to the Church.


Our new initiative of outreach to the youth in our congregation and the community has been expanded in the areas of spiritual life, education, recreation, socialization, mentoring, and leadership training. AMCOC youths have the opportunity to develop both their spiritual and personal relationships. The goal of the Church is to help youths see that they can be used by God.


The women's ministry of AMCOC is a group of ladies who meet together and have open discussions about our Savior Jesus and His Word. We strive to serve a diverse group of ladies that the Lord has led to us in several areas of ministry. For young moms, we have our “Lunch Bunch” which meets every Sunday for lunch and fellowship.


Our weekly worship is the heart of our life together, offering us the opportunity to come together as a community to worship God and to grow in God's spirit. This ministry's focus is the Sunday worship services, but it also sponsors exciting dramatic and musical presentations each year. It has many opportunities for service—everything from choir and orchestra to praise team and drama team. There's something for everyone.


The Nationwide Food and Clothing Ministry tends to the physical needs of not only the believers in Christ but also unbelievers. We help those who are naked and destitute of daily foods with the things they need for the body - like clothes and food. We do not merely give material goods for the relief of the poor, the needy, and the distressed, we also oversee their care by spending our time with them in fellowship, nurturing, edification, and service.


Our Publication Ministry - Ike Ozuome Enterprise - is dedicated to preaching and teaching the Word of God through print and electronic publications. This ministry mainly exists to help fulfill the Great Commission given to the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ through the publishing of the works of Pastor Ike and Queen. We provide useful materials that help encourage and empower God's people and sincerely hope that the riches of Christ could be broadly sown throughout the earth through this channel for the benefit of all the Lord's children.

macbook pro on brown wooden table
macbook pro on brown wooden table


Through ikeozuomeministries websites, we share insights from God's Word with people from around the world. We use this online ministry to help our audience with the tools that they need for understanding and communicating biblical truths. Here, you will find purposeful and thoughtful materials that will help encourage and empower you to witness for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. We use blogs, articles, and downloadable tracts to make a positive life-changing impact on people of all walks of life.