The music and worship ministry of Alayo Miracle Church of Christ has many opportunities for service–everything from choir and orchestra to praise team and drama team. There’s something for everyone! It is a place for all ages in children's choir, youth choir, adult choir, handbells, ensembles, and orchestra. This ministry leads believers into meaningful personal and corporate worship of God. It also seeks to present the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who don't know Him through the medium of music, drama, and media - REVELATION 5:11-12.


The worship services here at Alayo Miracle Church of Christ are designed to be exciting, relevant, and practical. During each service, we aim to EXALT the Lord Jesus through worship, encourage each other through fellowship, and grow in Christ as we examine His word. This service features our adult choirs, a praise band, and a worship team comprised of singers to help lead the congregation in music and worship. Meet our Worship Team if you love to worship the Lord. We want to hear from you - ACTS 2:42-47.


The members of the Alayo Miracle Church of Christ prayer team burn with passion in their hearts for the people who are desperately in need of prayers. They are always willing and ready to minister to others and pray over each prayer request that comes their way via email or phone - 2 CHRONICLES 7:14


In addition to worship services, Bible Fellowship Groups are the core of our Church ministry. It is on Sunday morning Bible Fellowship Groups that individuals begin to go beyond being “Church-goers” and become “ministry-doers.” Everyone needs to have a special place to belong and that place is in a Bible Fellowship Group. It is here relationships usually begin in the Church and are built, encouragement is found, and needs are met.

The groups are largely segmented by age levels but are often organized by topic or stage of life. In addition to adult Bible Fellowship Groups, there are also classes for children of every age. Classes meet on Sunday morning at ten. PHILIPPIANS 1:1-11


There are many opportunities to grow in your faith at Alayo Miracle Church of Christ through discipleship. We offer a variety of discipleship classes, most of which meet twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Classes average between 6 to 12 weeks, and with a variety of topics and groups, there's sure to be something that sparks your interest. Do not miss the opportunity to be there! HEBREWS 10:1-39

shallow focus photo of woman in beige open cardigan
shallow focus photo of woman in beige open cardigan


This is a good place to start in receiving help and guidance for the problems or concerns facing individuals and families. No matter what you are suffering from, we want to know. Our pastors are always ready and willing to help you recover. They can put you in touch with people who have been there, the AMCOC Recovery Team - EXODUS 18; ACTS 6:1-7

women sitting in front of table
women sitting in front of table


This is a program that meets for four sessions and is designed to assist couples in areas such as communication and finances, plus other topics that will serve to enhance their future together. You gonna love it! EPHESIANS 5:22-33