Today is Passion or Holy Saturday! It is the 7th day of Passion Week and also the Jewish Sabbath day. The Lord Jesus’ physical body still lay in the tomb. It would appear as if the Lord would never leave that tomb because His enemies (in an attempt to scuttle or thwart the fulfillment of Jesus’ own prediction of His resurrection) had requested for maximum security over the entrance of the tomb from Pontius Pilate. They not only demanded that the entrance be sealed, but they also demanded that the tomb be guarded by the Roman soldiers so that it will be impossible for anyone, particularly Jesus’ disciples—to steal the body. Their request was granted by Pilate who was the Roman procurator or Governor over Judea, and Jesus’ tomb was sealed and secured, with no chance of anyone breaking into the place.

Gloom filled the world, and Jesus’ enemies thought that it was all over. They believed that now that the Lord Jesus was tortured, humiliated, crucified, dead, and buried, that they were freed from His troubles.

Even the Apostles of the Lord Jesus were in total shock and disbelief—they were in utter despair and hopelessness because they thought it was all over for them. Their Master, the Messiah, the Savior of the world, “the Revealer of God’s way, the Doer of His work, and He who was going to redeem Israel had been condemned to death and crucified” (Luke 24:19-21). What a sad day!


Ike Ozuome

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